Jen Graves: "I have 20 hours of listening left in Infinite Jest. This is a part-time job. Words whose continuing repetition I will continue to savor: 'rodential,' 'howling fantods.' I will continue my consideration of what David Foster Wallace meant when he described someone as having a 'sexually credible' body."

Krishanu Ray: "Funny, I have The Pale King on tape checked out from the library right now. I think this is the preferred method of DFW consumption."

Jen Graves: “INDEED.”

Dave Segal: "I'm hitting Barboza Tuesday for the Moon Duo/Kikagaku Moyo/Fungal Abyss show, which has way more psychedelic firepower than is prudent for a school night."

Danielle Henderson: "My husband is turning 40 this week, so I’m planning things—things I can’t really write about in a place he reads."

David Schmader: "Writing, rehearsing, and waiting for the new Inside Amy Schumer to land on Hulu."

Christopher Frizzelle: "I'm seeing A Room with a View at 5th Avenue Theatre on Wednesday. But first I'm going to finish reading the book. Holy shit, it's so good. So funny. On every page there are sentences like: 'Of course, he despised the world as a whole; every thoughtful man should; it is almost a test of refinement. But he was sensitive to the successive particles of it which he encountered.'"

MILEY CYRUS enjoys yet-to-be-released ice cream flavor
  • MILEY CYRUS enjoys yet-to-be-released ice cream flavor

Kelly O: "Thursday I'm gonna go to Bluebird Icecream and Brewery to try the new "Choco-Tacocat" ice cream, because I love a Choco Taco, and love the band Tacocat even more. Then afterward I'm gonna go to the Highline to see some more bands (Fe Fi Fo Fums, Coconut Coolouts, wimps, Unnatural Helpers, and Deep Creep) and I'm going to pay double at the door, because the night is a benefit for my friend Betsy Hansen who's battling cancer."

Emily Nokes: "Tomorrow I'm hoping to build a new guinea pig cage for my beautiful guinea pig Stella. I still need to find more tiny frames for the tiny paintings and tiny photos (of other guinea pigs) that will hang on her walls. On Thursday, all my dreams are coming true: Bluebird has made a "Choco-Tacocat" ice cream (made with pieces of Choco Taco in it!!!), so my band mates and I will be there, DJing all the "hot jams" (Peter Gabriel?) and eating as much said ice cream as possible. I'm sure the whole city knows by now, but the weather says it could very possibly be 82-DEGREES WARM that day!"