The Supreme Court got one right for once today, ruling 6-2 that companies should be responsible for their own air pollution. Robert Barnes and Darryl Fears at the Washington Post explain:

The Supreme Court on Tuesday resurrected Environmental Protection Agency rules targeting air pollution that drifts across state borders, handing a victory to the Obama administration on one of its major environmental efforts.

The agency for years, under two administrations, has struggled to carry out a directive under the federal Clean Air Act to protect downwind states from pollution generated in other states, mostly from coal-fired power plants. The EPA’s rules from 2011 were challenged by a coalition of upwind states and industry, which prevailed in lower courts.

This is good news, but it should also be the bare minimum when it comes to pollution rules. Of course you're responsible for your own waste. What kind of libertarian nightmare land would we live in if a company's responsibility to the community ceased at the end of their exhaust pipes?