My love of candy that tastes like medicine and cleaning supplies is well documented. So imagine my joy when the mail brought a package from Nashville, sent by the one and only Megan Seling, containing a hot new gross candy I'd never encountered before: Hot Tamales Tropical Heat.

I am a tremendous fan of original-recipe Hot Tamales, so I tore into Tropical Heat with optimism. I quickly learned that "Chewy Spicy Tropical Flavored Candies" taste almost exactly like regular old Mike & Ike (Hot Tamales's fruity cousin) given the faintest dusting with cayenne pepper. Gross. The bag was empty before nightfall.

Then came—spoiler alert!—the next day, when I received a press release from the makers of Hot Tamales Tropical Heat, hyping their new product by connecting it to both the ongoing lime shortage and the historic Battle of Puebla:

No Shortage of Flavor With HOT TAMALES® Tropical Heat™ For Cinco De Mayo!

Heat up your Cinco de Mayo party with HOT TAMALES®! With new HOT TAMALES Tropical Heat™, there is no need to worry about any lime shortage, because the limon/lime flavor is abundant. This one of a kind chewy, spicy confection delivers an intense burst of heat with every bite! Unlike most HOT TAMALES® candy that is cinnamon flavored, Tropical Heat™ is a spicy fruit variety mix. Sure to fly off the shelves, it is a perfect treat for the adventurous candy lover and creates a fun twist when added to baked recipes or beverages. Flavors of the new Tropical Heat™ include Mango Tango, Pineapple Picante and Limon Fever. “New Tropical Heat™ will give consumers the perfect mix of sweet and heat,” says Koren Ivie, Brand Manager for HOT TAMALES® candy. “People are always excited to try a new variety, so we are sure they will love the flavors of Tropical Heat™ just in time for Cinco de Mayo!”

Blet. (But thanks, Megan!)