(Crocodile) I’d like to start off by saying I’d be totally fine if either “Wishbeard” OR “Thunderpussy” suddenly became my new nickname. In fact, I’d be THRILLED. I mean, these are the best band names out there right now! I should probably also tell you that Wishbeard’s music is danceable, dream-pop brilliance often compared to M83, Beach House, and Sleater-Kinney. Thunderpussy are a new, all-lady local group (“rock ’n’ roll’s new diamond in the MUFF”) made up of Lena Simon (La Luz, Kairos), Whitney Petty (the Grizzled Mighty), and Molly Sides (This Bitch Don’t Fall Off). Kairos is Lena Simon’s solo project, and she will play you dreamy synth prettiness layered with melodic guitar. You should also know this night is a birthday party for a girl named Zoe. AND there’s a super-surprise headlining guest band! And who doesn’t love a big birthday surprise?
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