So the mayor's office just announced that they're going to announce a minimum wage plan at 10:30 this morning. We'll of course be covering this announcement on Twitter and here on Slog. And is it just me, or is this timing incredibly awkward?

I know the mayor was out of town until last night, which would make this morning the earliest possible time he could publicly announce the plan. But it's also May Day, when all Seattle media will be out on the streets tonight, hoping that some idiot kid breaks a window somewhere. I cannot emphasize enough that the media will be out in force tonight; we even got word that a Fox reporter had to cancel an onstage interview with the guy from Flash Gordon at Cinerama tonight because Q13 Fox needed all hands on deck to cover what the TV newschannels presumably hope will be mayhem. So join me in a little stroll down the rabbit hole for a second.

Last week, The Stranger published what is likely the majority-backed minimum wage plan that the mayor's committee had almost agreed on. It's a terrible plan that made nobody happy. So if the announcement we ran closely resembles the announcement that the mayor is going to announce today, wouldn't it make sense for the mayor to bury the news on a High Holy Day of Seattle media idiocy, when the headlines tomorrow are more likely to be "One Window Broken, One Tear Gas Canister Fired in May Day Scuffle," rather than "Mayor Releases Weird Bad Plan?" Isn't this morning the closest thing to a Friday afternoon news dump the mayor could get without actually scheduling this press conference on a Friday afternoon?

Let's find out together, shall we?