Rumors have been flying since yesterday, but now are confirmed: Today at 10:30 a.m. at City Hall, according to a press release, Mayor Ed Murray will be announcing "a proposal for raising the minimum wage in Seattle." Considering how the announcement went last time, we're waiting until the dude walks up to the podium lugging a giant stone tablet onto which the deal has been engraved (and signed by whatever stakeholders he cares about these days).

But hey, we just can't stay away. We'll be there! Keep an eye on The Stranger's Twitter feed for live updates and we'll post something here as soon as we can. I mean, if the announcement is real and exists. If it's another no-deal deal, we (along with the rest of the press corps) be throwing vegetables at the mayor as he scurries back into his offices.

In the meantime, remember that (a) this deal still has to make it through city council and (b) Council Member and advisory committee member Kshama Sawant does not love the deal, at least the leaked version we've seen.

Tenterhooks over here, tenterhooks!