(Chop Suey) Much ink has been ejaculated onto the pages of this newspaper in praise of Seattle trio Haunted Horses, but that's for good reason. Employing a small armada of pedals, amps, and other such electronic gizmos, front-area person Colin Dawson layers a swath of sinister and fierce sonic weight over Myke Pelly's frenetic, downright astonishing drum work to glorious (and deafening) effect. As a result, they're developing one of the most inventive and uncompromising noise-rock sounds this side of the Great Divide. Having semi-recently added Troy Ayala on bass, Haunted Horses are now heavier and louder than ever. If you've any doubts about this outfit's live performance, google some videos or check out the live set from Chop Suey on their Bandcamp. With Monogamy Party and KA. GRANT BRISSEY
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(Crocodile) Serious-as-your-life post-rock melodramatists Godspeed You! Black Emperor have been soundtracking your sepia-toned apocalyptic visions for two decades now, earning critical acclaim and a fervent throng of fans along the way. Think of Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra (a side project of GYBE’s Efrim Menuck) as the naive, optimistic younger sibling to Godspeed’s nihilistic older brother: all sincerity and fist-pumping crescendos, samples of children reading anarchist manifestoes, and guitars that soar and swoop oh-so-cinematically. Reports from live shows would seem to indicate that Menuck’s orchestral compositions lose none of their regal pomp onstage, so bring some earplugs and have yourself a DM (defining moment). KYLE FLECK
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House music is almost like the blues of modern club music: a venerable genre that hasn’t changed much over the last three-plus decades. Still, in a crowded field of DJs and producers working in this style, Sharam has proved to have amazing durability. He became a star in the ’90s with Deep Dish, a Washington DC duo featuring his fellow Iranian expat Dubfire (Ali Shirazinia). Sharam’s shown a remarkable ability to produce popular, vocal-driven tracks (anybody for a remix of Bruno Mars’s “Treasure”?) and edgier, trippier material for afterhours hijinks. For a Thursday night at Q, we just might see both sides of his prodigious talents. With Wesley Holmes, Darrius, and Foofou. Q Nightclub, 9 pm, $15, 21+. DAVE SEGAL
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