Hey, guess what? Today is Mayor Ed Murray's 59th birthday. (Really!)

When we found out, we knew we wanted to get him a present, but it was reeeaaally hard to decide what he'd like. A $15 gift certificate to Canlis? Our copies of his transcripts from Mayor School? Mike McGinn's bike tires? A free ride on a police horse? A pizza party with the Stranger Election Control Board? Nothing seemed just right.

And that's when we realized! We've been using a terrible school-photo-style picture of him to illustrate our news stories. (It's this.) And we've been using it forever because we're lazy, and we just didn't have anything better to use. And so it's either that or some janky cell-phone photo one of us non-photographers snapped at a press conference. So lame.

So, Mr. Mayor, on your birthday, we'd like to retire that crappy old photo and allow you to join the ranks of Kenny G, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, and our own Ansel Herz, with a beautiful commissioned portrait by Emily Nokes.


  • Emily Nokes

You look great! And we hope you like it, sir.

You've had a hell of a week—announcing a minimum-wage deal, unveiling the finalists for the role of new police chief, and overseeing a May Day that did not turn into a shitshow. (As an extra present, those are links to your own press releases instead of our foul-mouthed coverage of those events. You're welcome!) Have a drink and take the weekend off.

The Stranger

P.S. We saved a copy without the birthday banner, too—can't wait to use it in the news section!