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Well. That was a busy May Day. It began with word of an actual, for-real-this-time agreement on Mayor Ed Murray's minimum wage committee. Turned out this was actually, really true. And potentially historic! But, the deal was complicated.

There were immediately questions like: "What's a Seattle small business with 500 employees?" There were also other May Day matters to deal with, like stupid threats and unfortunate typos.

Anna Minard took some time to explain why labor is so strongly in favor of Murray's minimum wage deal. A couple of Seattle anarchists took some time to explain all the talk about marching on the King County Juvenile Detention Center. And then the El Comité march for immigrant rights was on the move.

Brendan Kiley found the march "smaller than in years previous" but still "lively," and he had an interesting conversation with "two white guys with tattoos, Doc Martens, and close-cropped hair." Ansel Herz went from the El Comité march to a march for peace in the Central District. Kelly O spent a moment on the no-smashy patrol. And Anna Minard spent a moment at the end of the El Comité march talking to Council member Kshama Sawant about her critique of the mayor's wage deal.

After all that, it was time for the evening anti-capitalist marches.

They began on Capitol Hill and at the juvenile detention center, and they proceeded to become a three-hour walking tour of the city that involved a lot of shouting, at least nine arrests, an impressive number of trips to downtown and back, various things thrown at police, some wardrobe changes, some pepper spray, some Guy Fawkes masks, a scuffle between anarchists and superheroes, and—well, here, just relive the whole thing. By 10:30 pm, as May Day 2014 was drawing to a close, the marchers were back at one of their starting points and huddled around a burning trash can: