In the '90s, as drama and spectacle enveloped Courtney Love, she became a parody of "indie rock," so I gave up on her. Seriously, it was a HUGE bummer to see how much she enjoyed playing an "unpredictable junkie rock star" for TV cameras. Well, before the cameras, the band she fronted, Hole, was a cool and respected LA/Flipside band; their "Dicknail" 45 and the first Hole LP, Pretty On The Inside, remain indie/underground canon. This new track, "Wedding Day," sounds like nod to her former sound. Really, it's way more raw than anything I've heard from her in the last 20 years, AND the guitar line sounds like it's inspired by the melodic side of early-'80s SoCal hardcore. Fuck yeah, Ms. Love!!

The, "the other A-side" - "You Know My Name," has a bit more of a pop-punk feel, but it's pretty good, too.