The Long Road to $15: Mayor Murray's minimum wage proposal is very confusing. Which is bad news for the people who work minimum wage jobs. This definition of small business is pretty silly, isn't it? Still, labor likes the proposal.

SOB (Save Our Buses!) An initiative to save Seattle's bus service has been filed.

Reform Is Coming, One Way or Another: Here's the kind of police reform Ed Murray says he wants to see. Here's who he's looking at for the new police chief.

May Day Happened: The threats. The explanations. The immigrant rights march happened and we were there. Everyone agrees we need peace. Let's protect those windows. Kshama Sawant talked about $15 an hour minimum wages. Here are some great photos by Kelly O. The night went on and on and on. What's the deal with the masks? And what good do those news helicopters do?

"It's a great result for the community" Musab Masmari pleads guilty to Neighbours arson.

Ben De La End: Damn you, RuPaul. Damn you to hell.

The Expensive Kind of Boring: Eli Sanders thinks about what we could do with the money it'll cost to fix Bertha. Or, you know, it'll never get finished at all. And on the bright side, "We have a project that is almost all complete, minus the tunnel."

Let Me Just Repeat That Last Part, for Emphasis: "We have a project that is almost all complete, minus the tunnel."

Governor Inslee: Underwhelming on climate change, good on state supreme court justices.

It Could Never Happen Here, Right? Oil train derails in downtown Lynchburg.

Race and the Bundy Ranch: You can't argue there's no special treatment.

Race and Donald Sterling: Is there anything we can learn from this whole clusterfuck?

Savage Foresees Santorum: Not what you think, you perverts.

Free Comic Book Day Is Today! Go get some.

So Dreamy: Yesterday was Mayor Ed Murray's birthday. Emily Nokes and Anna Minard pulled out all the stops to celebrate.

He (Courtney) Loves It! Jesus Christ, Nipper, what have you done?