This is a reggae album. It may be the reggae album, I don't know the rules. But it's the most reggae reggae that ever reggaed, as far as I can tell, so if you're looking for a place to start your reggae adventures, this seems as good a place as any.

The thing about Super Ape is that while it's a ton of fun, I don't know how to critique it. Reggae seems so consistent. Like, reggae = a time signature, a tempo, and a couple instruments. There's piano in there, and a certain kind of drum, and a very specific guitar sound. Put them in a music blender, press blend, then pour the mixture into a CD case, and when it cools, bam! You have a reggae CD.

At least, that's the Mister Rogers behind-the-scenes video I have in my head of the reggae factory. But I am also aware that reggae has a storied history. And because I have an advanced degree in Trying Not to Embarrass Myself as Much as Possible, I'm even aware that it's not totally defined by "Bob Marley invented reggae because something something revolution/marijuana, and then white people started covering it, and pretty soon, here comes Steve, that kid from your high school wearing a poncho and sandals with a vacant stare and a weed-leaf backpack patch."

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