Landslide In Remote Part of Afghanistan Kills 2100: "Seven members of my family were here, four or five of them were killed," a survivor tells Reuters. "I am also half alive, what can I do?"

Movement for $15 Min. Wage Spreads to Tacoma: Campaigners plan to put an initiative on the ballot in November. "They feel like they deserve it [as] opposed to they need to earn it," says a local anti-$15 business owner.

Inside Seattle's Minimum Wage Negotiations: Kshama Sawant was "negotiating with herself," Ed Murray yelled at people, and a sub-committee nicknamed "the G-8" hammered out the final deal in meetings by itself, reports the Seattle Times. Democracy!

Al Jazeera Journalists Denied Bail in Egypt: What the fuck happened to you, Egypt? As the three journalists exited the courtroom, they shouted ironically, "Happy Press Freedom Day!" One of the them, Abduallah Elshamy, has spent 262 days in prison and 100 of those on hunger strike.

Fighting Rape—At Elite Universities: The NYT offers an overview of how women are increasingly giving up on campus administrations and taking their cases directly to the federal government. If you really want to understand how horrifying this is and how morally bankrupt the colleges are, read this—it's linked in the article—from Columbia's student newspaper.

Congress Commissions Thousands Of Reports It Never Reads:

“Remember the original movie ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark,’ where the ark got put away in that government storeroom?” said Sen. Mark R. Warner (D-Va.), who has pushed to cut down on unnecessary reports. “Probably next to the lost ark are all the reports that have never been reviewed.”

Millions in British "Aid": build hotels, gated communities, and shopping malls. Happens with American aid dollars too.

Labor Unions Resist Reforms to Food Aid, Push to Starve Millions Overseas: "The labor movement’s international solidarity with the poor only goes so far, it appears."