We've all been saying it wrong: It's “Peek-et-tee,” says The New Yorker, which got it right from the horse's (French) mouth. The Talk of the Town piece is about a bunch of economists meeting Thomas Piketty—author of, of course, the blockbuster book Capital in the Twenty-First Century—before he gave the lecture above to a packed house at the CUNY Graduate Center.

“How does it feel to be the brains behind Occupy Wall Street?” someone asks him. The book provides the data behind our current massive economic inequality, and I love this:

“You know, the aristocracy in France in 1789 was about one per cent of the population,” he [Piketty] said. Then he corrected himself: “Well, between one and one and a half per cent of the population.” With the proper data, you could, at last, “make comparisons” between then and now. The Bastille was no longer an abstraction.

Is he calling for a revolution?! Hey, let them eat (Hostess) cake!