Yes, the Stooges did play a show in the gym at Farmington High School in Oakland County, MI on December 5, 1970!!! Tho' it was late 1970 the Stooges were still nobodies, which is why I reckon they were booked to play this high school? Uh...maybe, but their shows were still fucking full-on crazy and confrontational. I can only imagine what these poor, unsuspecting, teens were thinking when "that nervous little shirtless feller" started gruntin' and hollerin' as the band churned up a deafening wall of noise. I bet it was even weirder when "that nervous little shirtless feller" started convulsing, doing back flips, and THEN dove on top of those kids seated on the floor!!

Take note - it appears Iggy cut out the crotch of his britches, so everyone can see his red panties. Also, this show was was during the twin guitar line up; they added roadie, Billy Cheatham, on second guitar.