(Barboza) Brooklyn’s TEEN are Teeny Lieberson, her two sisters Katherine and Lizzie, and new member Boshra AlSaadi. Their first release, 2010’s EP Little Doods, was simple and rhythmic with a hushed droniness; the fantastic LP In Limbo followed with a mix of ever-satisfying girl-group drums/harmonies and spaced-out synth. Their newest, The Way and Color (released a few days ago), takes their vast-reverb elements into bold new Prince/D’Angelo-sque R&B territory. The diva-fied vocals add interesting depth, but some of the song structures change so drastically within one track it’s hard to hold on to anything so slippery. The five-songs-in-one-song approach has never made much sense to me (unless you’re proving a point or have one shot at recording one record with every idea you’ve ever had?), but Color’s less jam-packed pop tunes are definitely worth checking out.
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