In this police report, the right hand of a West Seattle woman is bitten by her own dog, a four year-old lab/mastiff mix. The dog's name is Teddy and its sex is male. The West Seattle woman recently rescued the mixed hound from the pound. Her story: She was walking Teddy on a leash when an unleashed small dog appeared from nowhere and attacked her animal. A fight erupted. It was small dog verses big dog. When the West Seattle woman tried to separate the two, she got bitten by Teddy. The smaller dog, whose name is Bruiser, was finally retrieved by the roommate of its owner. The West Seattle woman was later transported to Harborview Medical Center by an ambulance.

Why share this report? Because I want you, dear reader, to share with me your story of being bitten by an animal with teeth: dog, cat, raccoon, squirrel, rat, human. I want you tell me about the pain, the blood, the humiliation, the horror of having your own flesh (the border between you and the outside) punctured by sharp teeth. I also want the bite (your meat/its mouth) to have happened in the area of Seattle. I know you have been bitten. I know how you feel. Send your story to