Fuck is you talking about? There is so much to talk about—there is so much talk. Even more than talk: war, genocide, the mass kidnapping of 187 girls from Nigeria. If you really think old racist rich white men are news, you might need to update your browser. Ol' boy isn't getting the shaft for his views, but because he got caught saying them out loud. Call me when something bigger than the gnat's-attention-span news cycle gets burnt down—when somebody learns how to get entire racist systems and institutions to play themselves on tape... though that's never really seemed to slow down the police. Right, Mayor Murray?

Meanwhile in our tiny corner of this infinitesimal dust mote—where we pat ourselves on the back for legalizing love and weed and fighting for a $15 minimum wage—the temperature's steady rising with gun violence in the CD and South End. What's the move here? Remember when taking on crises, instead of martyring yourself (or just your FB timeline), to look to those folks who been dedicating their lives to fighting them and maybe could use your help.

Now then: Get on with Devin the Dude and Berner—is that the scent of cookies in the air? Smoke weed every day...

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