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1. It's Wednesday again, which means the streets of Seattle are besieged by another overlong piece by ANNA MINARD attempting to explain the $15 minimum wage debate. How much would you pay Minard to not write another cutesy screed on this topic? More than $15 an hour? Less?

2. In the film section, PAUL CONSTANT reviews Locke, which is a film about manhood and responsibility. The Venn diagram below indicates the intersection of Constant and masculinity:


Using the above diagram as a guide, please explain the folly of sending the least manly Stranger staffer—and, yes, this includes female staffers—to review a film of this sort.

3. CHRISTOPHER FRIZZELLE reviews a musical staging of A Room with a View. Can you imagine a sentence that could possibly be any gayer than that one? If you are heterosexual, did that sentence make you feel slightly more gay than you were before you read it?

4. In her column celebrating rampant alcoholism, Drunk of the Week, KELLY O asks Stranger readers to help her locate Texas bars that over-serve alcohol, so that she may mock Texans in her weekly parade of inebriates. What do you believe are the chances that Ms. O, with her typical blue-state cavalier attitude, might wind up dead of a gunshot wound if she tries to, you will forgive the colloquialism, "mess with Texas"? Can you offer her any safety tips?