• Lucky Strike

• In the last couple of years, Seattle wife/husband duo Ecstatic Cosmic Union have quietly become one of the city's best psych-rock bands. Sunday afternoon at Chop Suey's Artache Market, ECU (Rena Bussinger and Aubrey Nehring, who also run Portable Shrines) played their best show yet... albeit to their smallest crowd, unfortunately. But you'll have a prime opportunity to see ECU's gently disorienting and surreptitiously propulsive songs at Debacle Fest on May 31.

• The best-kept karaoke secret in the ID is the Dynasty Room at the Four Seas on Fridays and Saturdays. While you'll grow old before you get to sing at Bush Garden, the friendly Dynasty Room is ready for you to massacre "More Than a Feeling." Please don't go there; we don't want to have to wait. (Shout-out to Jada and her sister!)

Justin Bieber was spotted at the Lucky Strike bowling alley in Bellevue on Sunday evening with his entourage and Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. According to staff, Biebs only likes potato skins (of fucking course he does), and had the chef prepare three plates for their sober hangout in the Luxe Room. Sounds... fun.

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