OhmyfuckingGOD...I'm so excited for this documentary: The Color of Noise!! Y'all, I'm all about MORE PRAISE FOR THE HAZE, er, Tom Hazelmyer that is, and his '90s record label Amphetamine Reptile Records!!!

It looks like the filmakers interviewed most all'a the bands/folks involved with the label, so this will be a shitshow of amazing memories! Amphetamine Reptile, AKA AmRep, might stand alone as the biggest, BADDEST, and most uncompromised underground label of the '90s. The weight of it's heavy, relevant, weird, and NOISEY bands out classes all the other then contemporary underground label's catalog. Seriously, maybe even more than Touch & Go!!? (sigh) I still remember the first time I heard Hammerhead's debut single for the label, "Peep," it scratched an itch I didn't know was itching!! The label kept kicking till about 2000 when Hazelmyer shuttered the label and bought a bar, Grumpys, but then got sick. Thankfully, he eventually got better and reopened the label for issuing small boutique releases.

The Color of Noise premieres May 30 @ Third Man Records - 623 7th Avenue South, Nashville, TN. Um, so anyone wanna roadtrip down South? I bet we could stay with a certain former ex-Stranger staffer who really LOVES chupchakes!?