It belonged to someone who disappeared in the last six years.
  • King County Medical Examiner's Office
  • It belonged to someone who disappeared in the last six years.

King County Needs Help ID'ing the Person Whose Foot Floated Ashore: Contrary to what the Morning News said yesterday, it wasn't a "severed" foot, it was just a foot. As Q13 explains, "the foot likely was not severed but detached from the body as it decomposed at sea... The sex, age, ancestry, and stature of the foot's owner are not known." But this shoe model has only existed since 2008. If you have any information, the King County Medical Examiner's Office would love to hear all about it the old-fashioned way: 206-731-3232, ext. 1. This is the 15th foot that's washed ashore in the Pacific Northwest since 2007.

Missing Snowshoer May Have Fallen More than 1,000 Feet: Over the edge of Crater Lake in Oregon. "Rangers discovered snowshoe tracks leading from a trail onto an overhang called 'a snow cornice' that had collapsed."

Shooting in Federal Way Last Night: At the Silver Shadow Apartments at roughly 9:30 p.m. leaves "a man dead in the parking lot."

Seattle Attorney Pleads Guilty to Raping Masseuses: "Grant was described by police as a serial rapist, 'obsessed with Asian women,' who preyed on immigrant masseuses," reports.

It's About Goddamn Time: "Within weeks, President Barack Obama's administration is set to unveil unprecedented emissions limits on power plants across the United States."

Newly Revealed Emails Between NSA and Google Executives: "Email exchanges between National Security Agency Director Gen. Keith Alexander and Google executives Sergey Brin and Eric Schmidt suggest a far cozier working relationship between some tech firms and the U.S. government than was implied by Silicon Valley brass after last year's revelations about NSA spying."

Nigerian Police Officer Wounded During a Gunfight with Suspected Boko Haram Militants: On a road near the village where those 270-something schoolgirls were kidnapped. The death toll in Monday's Boko Haram massacre of innocent civilians has risen to 310, and some of those "victims were burned alive." As for the 270-something girls, they have not been found yet:

If You Want to Stay on Top of Developments in the Nigerian Kidnapping Cases: Vox recommends you follow these twitter accounts.

Concussion Rate Among High School Athletes Doubles in the Last Six Years: But it's not because high school athletes have become less good at sports or because their brains have gotten softer. It's because of "the increased awareness of concussion signs and symptoms by coaches, parents, and athletes themselves and an associated increase in reporting of signs and symptoms of concussion when they do occur."

Egyptian TV Cites 'Simpsons' Episode as Proof Arab Spring Was Foreign Plot: Oh geez, seriously? As the New York Times puts it, "treating the cartoon flag as evidence of a foreign plot to destabilize Syria" demonstrates "a lack of familiarity with crucial aspects of both Syrian history and details of the Simpsons episode."

Hey New York Times, Stop Saying "Create Fast Lanes" When You're Talking about Getting Rid of Net Neutrality: