(Crocodile) The son of a member of “Fantastic Voyage” hitmakers Lakeside who can play every instrument “except any that has to do with lips,” Ty Dolla $ign has skyrocketed to a major-label contract and widespread radio play in the four years since he wrote, produced, and sang the hook on YG’s breakout hit “Toot It and Boot It.” But his musical abilities (he co-produced almost every song on his Beach House mixtape) are often overlooked because of the role he’s settled into—a new-school hybrid of R. Kelly and Nate Dogg, whose silky R&B croon takes the edge off his unequivocally X-rated lyrics. Joe Moses, who has a joint mixtape with Dolla $ign called Whoop! and is featured on many of his tracks, will also perform. MIKE RAMOS
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Sam Melancon’s MOTOR event is up to episode 12 and its quality control remains lofty. This time he’s brought in Dreamweapon, a weird, wired techno combo who feature members of the staggeringly great Minnesota kraut-dub/shoegaze unit Food Pyramid. Dreamweapon’s Living in Hell on Earth cassette sounds like house music as heard through a DMT filter. It’s twisted and filthy. MOTOR also has a label (it’s a subsidiary of Melancon’s Debacle Records), and Olympia producer HOM has a great newish 12-inch on it, Bound/Somn. It contains two tracks (plus remixes of same) of furrowed-brow, gritty techno redolent of a world on the brink of damnation. It’s dance music that wants to grind your bones to dust. Go talk about it on your anti-social media sites. With Chris Davis, Patternmaster, and DJ Degenerate. DAVE SEGAL Kremwerk, 9 pm, $5, 21+.
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(Chop Suey) American hardcore has certainly come a long way. Today, there are hundreds of blast-beating, breakdown-chugging bands upping the ante of what it means to be “hardcore.” But rewind 35 years and we have a much different picture. Looking back, we see that the fastest and wildest bands of the day seem a bit tame, but groups like the Midwest’s own Zero Boys got us where we are now, laying the foundation for everyone from Minor Threat to Youth of Today. Don’t worry, though, this is much more than a nostalgia trip, as their new LP, Monkey, will be released in late May. With Deadkill and the Lucky Boys. KEVIN DIERS
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British singer/songwriter Holly Golightly has been releasing solo records since 1995 and has collaborated with the likes of the White Stripes, Rocket From the Crypt, the Greenhornes and Thee Headcotees, but her work with the Brokeoffs (which aren’t a backing band, but just one guy named Lawyer Dave who apparently recorded their LP All Her Fault at his farm in Georgia) sticks to twangy barroom Americana that’s likely a whiskey-swilling good time for fans of this sort of stuff. Mark Pickerel and Brother James and the Soul-Vation round out what’s likely the most non-punk, non-metal lineup to hit the Highline in a while. MIKE RAMOS
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(McCaw Hall) To create his opera, composer Jacques Offenbach wove together stories by E.T.A. Hoffmann and set the German writer in a pub to deliver them—keeping in mind that he prefers to speak (sing) in French. Seattle Opera's website says, "Long Story Short: Eccentric writer tells the stories of his three great failed romances while screwing up the fourth. But at least he has his art." This staging was popular in 2005 and promises to close the company's 50th season on a high note. Tenor William Burden sings Hoffmann, the three beautiful women will all be portrayed by French soprano Norah Amsellem, and mezzo-soprano Kate Lindsey, winner of Seattle Opera's 2010 Artist of the Year Award for creating the title role in Amelia, sings her critically acclaimed Muse/Nicklausse (a role that's both goddess and teenage boy). JEN GRAVES
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