DtttC! will always be my jam!
  • DtttC! will always be my jam!

Shoot, you guys. Word is tonight might be the last ever Don't Talk to the Cops! show. Say it ain't so! Let's hope it's not true because they're still one of my fav acts eva—weird and funny and wiiiiiillld to see live. Who else is going to make everyone dance to songs about dental vanity and high-waisted '80s-butt jeans?

ANYWAY, I'll save my tears because tonight is for celebration. It's djblesOne's birthday party and OCnotes, Them Team, Vancouver's Konichiwaack, and DJ Shorthand will all be there, plus the magnificent Bobbi Rich is hosting.

And because maybe djblesOne doesn't know how birthdays work, DtttC are giving away collectible cereal boxes to the first 250 peeps in the door. The boxes will include the final copies of their album Champion's of Breakfast, a new Swamp Jams CD, the first-ever Smooth Posers zine, and other thoughtful prezzies.

This is also a rare Capitol Hill all-ages show, so if you know a cool youth, take 'em along!

Chop Suey // Doors at 8pm // $10