Scrolling through Twitter last night, I saw a lot of scuttlebutt about Apple looking to buy the Beats By Dre headphone empire for 3.2 billion dollars. (It's Friday, you can do your Dr. Evil voice.) Later, scrolling through Instagram, I saw this clip—since pulled from actor/singer Tyrese Gibson's IG:

The Fast & Furious star, along with Friday director F. Gary Gray and the legendary producer Andre "Dr. Dre" Young are seen kicking it at some undisclosed location.

Dre boasts that he's "the first billionaire in hiphop, right here from the muthafuckin West Coast"—which sends the Watts-born Tyrese into a fit of C-walking. Take that, Puff!

If you want to read the best story you'll find about the sorry history of Beats By Dre, read this Gizmodo article from last year.