Sean O'Neal at the AV Club says:

The dream of six seasons and a movie is over: Numerous sources are reporting that NBC has canceled Community—four words that Community fans have dreaded hearing almost every day since the show’s first season, imagining what it would be like to read them, practicing saying them to see how they would feel in their mouth.

I'm sure that rabid fans are already composing petitions asking Netflix to pick up Community, but I think that's a bad idea. How about instead of lamenting dead shows, we agree to follow the writers and producers who created the show that we liked? Why don't we decide to expend all that fan energy on supporting their new projects, instead?

Well, that's probably not going to happen. At least we had a good fifth season—if the show ended on that terrible fourth season, I would probably be calling for a palate-cleansing continuation, too. It's too bad, though, that the episodes that now stand as the series finale were the weakest episodes of the season. Still: Thank you Community, for a fun last go-round. If nothing else, the fifth season delivered this amazing performance to the world:

I will never get sick of watching that rap.