The results are in! And Jonathan Knapp, the current president of the Seattle Educators Association—representing about 5,000 teachers, counselors, assistants, and other staff at Seattle Public Schools—has barely survived a ballot challenge from Garfield high school teacher Jesse Hagopian, a leader of last year's MAP test boycott.

Knapp won by just 45 votes out of 2,639 votes cast.

Hagopian called it a "tough loss," but said he's "in good spirits and ready to help organize our union to fight for the contract we deserve in upcoming negotiations." His RESPECT ticket did, however, manage to sweep all of the union's high school representative positions.

In an interview with me, Knapp defended his record and credited the unprecedented voter turnout to his efforts to boost member participation in the union, including getting thousands of them to sign on to demands the union has made around special education and budgets.