As we crawl broken and bloodied to the end of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 6 (and the inevitable win of Bianca Del Rio...#crowntheclown!), we have learned much and forgotten even more. (Um, Vivacious? Magnolia Crawford? I rest my case.) But the most crucial thing we have come to understand is that BEN DELACREME (aka BenDela, aka Dela) WAS EFFINGK ROBBED. We've also learned that I'm never going to get over it. And neither are you.

And so! With only two measly episodes left until the last desperate gasp, it is important to make sure that THE WORLD NEVER FORGETS. Ergo, these...

So Robbed.
  • So Robbed.

...DELA WAS ROBBED T-SHIRTS! And you can win one!

These elegant and exclamatory white-on-black T-shirts (size large) are the perfect way to show the world your continued love and support for our girl BenDela and express your indignant outrage at the same time! Perfect for the live viewing parties at the Century Ballroom! Ben's thuperfan Marissa Ann DeLeon had them created expressly to give to you, like-minded person. So I'm giving away two to two lucky winners—you just have to be currently living and not have won anything from me in the past two months. No need to be greedy.

To get your disappointed Ru-Paws on them, simply retweet this twatter or whatever by 5PM today, a winner will be chosen at random, and you could have one on your back in time for the final two episodes—and to cherish for a lifetime. Do it now!

Oh, DeLa.