I normally hold the belief that you should plug your ears and run far away from any "cover band" concert. There are some notable exceptions, though, like any band that dresses up and performs as the Misfits on Halloween (complete with devilocks), or Seattle's Silly Goose, who pay tribute to the oft-derided but no-less-catchy mall punk of Blink-182. But my favorite cover bands to see live are Weezer cover bands. On May 10, Weezer's self-titled debut album, aka The Blue Album, turns 20 years old, and two cover bands are set to perform at the Crocodile's Back Bar. Weezus will play The Blue Album in its entirety, while Goat Punishment is billed as a "conceptual deep cuts Weezer cover band" that will, if we're lucky, mine from the band's early catalog of B-sides, demos, and other rarities.

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