A while back, Solange Knowles started up Saint Records with the release of this Saint Huron comp. While usually not my bag, but I stumbled across it in my internet travels and got kind of addicted when the weather was darker and colder. But, spoiler alert, it works pretty well in the sun, too. It's smooth, sparse, and sophisticated—basically the exact opposite of what I usually listen to.

As Okayplayer, who I generally trust on musical styles such as these, wrote when it released:

The project is Saint Records’ first addition to the ballooning renaissance of r&b – a movement lead by Solange and other genre-bending artists whose rhythmic approach is derived in-part from the almighty New Jack Swing and “Bump & Grind” aesthetics of the 90s.

It feels like something of a bridge between more mainstream R&B—which I've never really latched onto—and the semi-recent development of dubstep*. Below is a link to the Spotify stream, and here is a link to the Soundcloud page. Embedded above is one of my favorite tracks from the comp. Also check out India Shawn's "I'm Alive." Also, Solange's contribution is nothing to sneeze at. Actually, just listen to the whole thing. If a dude that usually listens to over-loud and wickedly distorted rock and punk can dig it, you might too.

*The South London kind, not the Skrillex kind.