As Anna reports, today's new poll on the minimum wage shows a helluva lot of support for a $15 minimum wage—74 percent! But on the last page, there's another revealing data point. Respondents were asked to rate different groups' credibility (they were listed off by name) on the minimum wage issue, on a scale from 1 to 5. Click to enlarge:

  • EMC Research

There are a couple big takeaways from this graph: One out of every five likely voters considers fast food workers "extremely credible" on this issue. That's huge. That means voters place a ton of trust in the workers most affected by poverty wages, instead of their bosses (notice how the Washington State Restaurant Association comes in second to last).

And in the media world, Seattle's most credible newspaper is... The Stranger, coming in four points above the Seattle Times, just barely within the margin of error. The Seattle Weekly does not exist. But, according to this poll, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray is more credible than any news source in town. Congrats, Mr. Mayor!