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1. This issue of The Stranger brings with it the too-long, too-pretentious, and ultimately too-boring SIFF guide, written by the entire staff.
Selected reviews in the guide feature what the newspaper industry refers to as “bugs” next to them—these are the little graphics that
indicate whether Stranger critics believe the film to be a “Don’t Miss” or a “Recommended” movie. Which of the
following “bugs” would be more useful for The Stranger’s film guide than a bug that indicates whether a reviewer liked the film?

The reviewer watched the film while high, so your sober enjoyment may vary.

The reviewer liked this documentary because it endorsed his/her biased liberal viewpoint, but the film itself is atrocious.

The reviewer gave this film a pass because it comes from an underprivileged part of the world, and a similar American film would have received a critical drubbing from the same reviewer.

The reviewer screened this film while impossibly high and perhaps wasn’t even technically conscious while watching the film.

Please support your bug choice with examples from the guide.

2. BETHANY JEAN CLEMENT introduces tempest to teacup with a liberal screed about a Cinco de Mayo celebration. Clement indicates that she believes the
celebration, which is mostly attended by white people—as most events in Seattle are—asks leading questions of event organizers in what could be
construed as an attempt to publicly shame them. In your opinion, does this kind of hashtag activism do any good outside the rarified circles of Tumblr and
Twitter? Or does it add to the racial divide by separating humans up into “good” and “bad” factions on the subject of race?

3. This week’s LAST DAYS was written by CIENNA MADRID. Obviously, the regular author of the column, DAVID SCHMADER, cannot write the column every
single week of the year. But swapping Schmader out for Madrid is the equivalent of the Red Cross arriving at a disaster scene and handing out whoopee
cushions to the stunned, homeless families. List five options—examples: rerun columns, Twitter submissions, a sudden punch in the face—that
would be preferable to reading a Madrid-penned Last Days column.

4. The news department is in a tizzy because Mayor Ed Murray has suggested an intelligent, workable plan to save transit in Seattle. In your opinion, will
the next three-and-a-half years under the management of a competent mayor be enough to send the entire Stranger newsroom to an insane asylum?