In this police report, we read about a West Seattle woman who one fine day was walking along the 1600 block of Alki Avenue when an unknown man approached her from behind and grabbed the purse on her shoulder. The woman held on to her purse. The unknown man did not give up. He really wanted what was by the laws of this land hers. He pulled and pulled the purse with what appeared to be all of his life. Finally, the strap had enough of this stress and snapped. The unknown male was with another but younger unknown male (around 14 years old). The breaking of the purse seems to have broken the spell of the crime. Both ran off northbound on Alki Avenue. The ruffled West Seattle woman called 911. When the SPD contacted her, she said she had a slight pain in her upper right arm where the purse's strap broke. The suspect did not get anything. But she was not able to get a good look at his face. In heated situations of this kind, the object at the core of a conflict can dominate the mind. It would have been hard for her to see a face; the only thing on her mind was the purse.


An area check for the suspect ended with no results.