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Stranger reporter Ansel Herz just happened to be at Othello Park when someone opened fire: The woman above was grazed by bullets. She was holding a baby at the time. What does the mayor have to say about the recent shootings in Seattle—three of them, in the Central District, fatal? Find out.

Mining disaster cover-up alleged in Turkey: Locals say the loss of life is far greater than what authorities are admitting. The mining company finally holds a press release and denied any negligence.

Election in India indicts the status quo: Economic discontent propels opposition leader Narendra Modi into landslide victory, in "the most decisive mandate for any Indian leader since the 1984 assassination of prime minister Indira Gandhi propelled her son Rajiv to office." Modi says:

"You have faith in me and I have faith in you... The people of this country have given their verdict. This verdict says we have to make the dreams of 1.25 billion people come true. I must work hard."

Switzerland votes on a $25-an-hour minimum wage on Sunday: So we should go back to the drawing board and go for $25 an hour here in Seattle. What do you say, Kshama? JK, JK. Switzerland is the most expensive country on earth—$25 an hour there actually makes sense. Much like $15 an hour here.

What an ancient girl's skull found in Mexico tells us about American ancestry: Bothell paleontologist James Chatters works to solve the mystery. Chatters also discovered and is rethinking Kennewick Man in light of all this (can't we get just a little DNA out of him?).

Preschool for all in the City of Seattle: Not only is it the right thing to do, it's proven incredibly effective in preventing later societal problems... ones that cost a lot more than the price of one latte a month (the average cost to Seattle homeowners for the initial project here). Let's get behind this, people!

SIFF will renovate and reopen the Egyptian Theatre!: The world's giantest film festival (it really is the biggest ON EARTH!) opened yesterday and also announced that they are reopening the Egyptian. It will have a bar. And here's our unstoppably great guide to every single film that is showing at SIFF.

And the 2014 Stranger Genius Award nominees are...: In case you missed it, these great Seattle artists will be celebrated all summer—stay tuned for dates for the Genius showcase series at the Frye—and in the the summer issue of A&P out June 11, and at the Genius Awards on October 18 at the Moore Theatre. Cake!