Looks like another new transit plan is in the works. We just got a heads up that Seattle City Council members Nick Licata and Kshama Sawant will be announcing a plan this afternoon for a "proposal to maintain Seattle-wide Metro services," one that would "prevent the first round of devastating cuts to Metro service [and] shift the burden of long-term funding off Seattle’s working people, elderly, disabled, students, and people of color who need service to be maintained."

What's in the new plan? We'll find out at a press conference this afternoon. But it's interesting to see a whole new plan come out after so much recent turmoil over transit funding.

There's three interesting things about this plan, whatever it is: (1) That promise to prevent the first round of Metro bus cuts, which are set to be enacted in September of this year—meaning it won't be waiting for a November election. (2) A hint that it will be a more progressive tax than the mayor's current plan. And (3) the list of who's supporting this new measure:

Councilmember Nick Licata
Councilmember Kshama Sawant
Church Council of Greater Seattle
Faith Action Network
Laborers 1239
PTE 17*
Transit Riders Union
Transportation Choices Coalition
Socialist Alternative

We'll report on the details as soon as we can.

*PTE 17 has since contacted us to say they actually "have not yet taken a position on this specific proposal." Sounds like there was a miscommunication somewhere.