...but maintaining the title of America's Largest Film Festival means there's still room for not-so-great stuff.

Case in point: Another, the first feature from writer/director Jason Bognacki. (Here's the official plot synopsis.)

Another first came to my attention when the filmmakers announced that the Stranger could preview the film for review in the Stranger SIFF guide only if Paul Constant did the watching/reviewing—an unusual and auteur-y request that I was happy to honor. (UPDATE: Apparently it was not the filmmakers who made the "Paul Constant-or-else" demand, but SIFF staffers.)

Here's Paul's review.

Which brings us to this past Saturday, when Another received its world premiere screening at SIFF, with the director and producer in attendance for a post-show Q&A. Soon afterward, this appeared on a friend's Facebook wall:


Ow ow ow ow ow oh my God. Silver linings: The director recovered quickly enough from whatever drove him from the Q&A to pose for some smiley red-carpet photographs, and gamely attended Sunday's follow-up screening of Another and its post-film Q&A, where he was "in good spirits," according to the SIFF press office.

SIFF 2014 continues through June 8. Get in there.