Anna Minard: "Tonight I'm checking out this amazing-looking discussion on gender pay equity and women in the workplace at Town Hall Seattle, with Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner, Anna Greenberg, and Saru Jayaraman. Should be a lot to cover with Seattle's new minimum-wage legislation, city hall's ongoing work on pay equity & family-friendly workplace policies, and the firing of Jill Abramson—let alone whatever else they planned to talk about. And I'm going to try and slip away to see this rad-looking SIFF film about '80s teen girl punks. Other than that, I plan to plant a bunch of marigolds and generally fail to address my smartphone addiction."

Bethany Jean Clement: "I'm hoping to get to meet Matt Smith after the Wednesday SIFF screening of his great film My Last Year with the Nuns. And having lunch at the Frye to talk about the (EXCITING) upcoming show of the work of Stranger Genius Award winners there. And going to see Ian McMahon's splendid-looking installation at Suyama Space. And possibly making it to the special Sriracha Mariners game on Thursday (it's supposed to be 77 degrees! Sriracha milkshake!). And not going to Sasquatch, though the lineup makes me regret that fact."

David Schmader: "I just discovered the The Good Wife-shaped hole in my heart and will likely spend all my free time to fill it."

Charles Mudede: "Watching films at SIFF. Attending parties at SIFF. Trying to spot famous types at SIFF."