The NHL playoffs are now in round three of four and, admittedly, I haven't been following them as closely as usual because, well, the Nashville Predators didn't make the playoffs this year* and I'm not sure my heart can take another Chicago victory (I hate you, Kane; I hate you, "Chelsea Dagger").

But regardless of who's playing, playoff hockey is some of the most exciting hockey to watch. And here's where were at: Last night the Blackhawks beat the L.A. Kings and on Saturday New York took the series lead by scoring SEVEN goals on Montreal. SEVEN. Poor Canadiens. But perhaps that was New York's goal quota for the series? Maybe the Habs will shut 'em out every time now!

I'm just glad the Canadiens or the Rangers will get to the finals because neither of them have been since the ’90s. I like underdogs. So I'm rooting for whoever wins that series to go and kick either L.A.'s or Chicago's ass. (Preferably L.A. because go away Chicago.)

Who do you think will win the Cup? I'm predicting the Habs. I don't know why. That's what I want to see happen. I like P. K. Subban.

* But now the Preds have some fresh coaching blood (welcome to town, Peter Laviolette!), so perhaps that's what they need to get back on track next season. I am hopeful!