I LOVE COFFEE Delia MacFadden and Matt Weiner.
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  • I LOVE COFFEE Delia MacFadden and Matt Weiner.

White Center's Caffe Delia originally ran out of a corner of Proletariat Pizza during the restaurant's off-hours. The Proletariat owners suggested the arrangement when they learned of Delia MacFadden's long-standing desire to run her own cafe. "I was working in the coffee shop in the morning and the pizza place in the evening," says Delia, who honed her barista skills at Bird on a Wire Espresso. "I was way too old to be doing that. I would wash the last dish and then start folding napkins to open the pizza place." She reports that the pizza that pairs best with coffee is chard, goat cheese, and roasted garlic.

The quasi-pop-up was very popular, so about a month ago, she and Matt Weiner reopened in their own space next door...