• Album / T-Shirt artwork by Shannon Perry

Do you wanna stream this brand-frickin'-new (just out today!) album of previously unreleased singles from some of Seattle's best new rock/metal/punk bands—bands like Sandrider, Crypts, Tacos!, Glose, Deadkill, Trash Fire, Murmurs, Dust Moth, Constant Lovers, Blood Drugs, Monogamy Party, Childbirth, the Great Goddamn, and Theories?

Well here you go!

The album—physically released "on a t-shirt" that has the front and back cover art and liner notes screen-printed printed on it (and includes a digital download code)—is available for purchase tonight, starting at 9 pm, at the album's official listening party at the Cha Cha Lounge. More details here.

It's music you can wear. I already can't wait for Vol. 2.