Where can I get a few of these?

True confessions: I am a forehead sweater. I get a little dewy in the pits and back, just like everyone else, but when I'm exercising, eating spicy food, or otherwise gearing up to perspire, my forehead is the front line of the action. Which means that when I'm even a little bit sweaty, my face is covered by a sheet of water, I resemble John Belushi running an all-uphill marathon after a weeklong bender, and people give me mildly concerned looks as if I'm about to keel over. But I'm not. I've just got a sweaty forehead.

It occurred to me recently—all these decades after puberty—that what I need are some old-fashioned sweatbands. I hit a few drug stores and a few running shops, but no dice. Dave Segal, our resident jogger, wears sweatbands around the office when it's warm but he said he picked up his as swag at some Stranger Genius event a few years ago. A thorough search of the office revealed no leftover cache.

I could just buy some online at Amazon or wherever, but I prefer to spend my dollars the old-fashioned way.

Anyone got any ideas?