It's amazing the details which can go unnoticed, even by a hairsplitting trainspotter like ME! Uh, so all this time I've been a massive Radio Birdman fan I did not know Radio Birdman's founder/guitar player, Deniz Tek, was playing the MC5's Fred "Sonic" Smith's Epiphone Crestwood Deluxe guitar!!!!

I was in Ann Arbor in 1973, home to visit family and friends on my first visit back after moving to Australia in '71. By then I was in a band called TV Jones, and I was always on the lookout for cool guitars. Anyway, I was at the Campus Corners store on South University, looking at the notice board. There was a handwritten ad that read something like "MC5 Epiphone Crestwood guitar" and a phone number. I knew the band had split up and was selling stuff. Being a huge fan of the MC5, and a lover of great guitars, I called the number. It was a middle man, selling the stuff. So I went down and bought the guitar, I wont say for how much but it was a good deal even for those days. I took the guitar back to Australia, and it being the finest guitar I had ever owned, I began playing it as my main axe. I've played it ever since.

Watch Tek wielding Smith's former axe as the camera pans to a close up at 2:55.

Tek says he retired the guitar in 2006, after of course, he toured with the partially reformed MC5 as DKT-MC5 in 2004. Which means Tek was playing Smith's parts opposite the MC5's Brother Wayne Kramer with Smith's guitar; pretty fucking cool knowing, tho' Smith passed away in 1994, Tek was in his place, with his guitar, playing those MC5 songs, again.