Dust Moth celebrates the release of their album Dragon Mouth on The Mylene Sheath label tonight at Barboza. As the Moth flies, the sextet displays spheres of impetus, precision, and pulchritude. Beautiful rock music. Irene Barber’s vocals bind you in a dynamism of spells. Dragon Mouth was produced, recorded, and mixed by Matt Bayles, who is also a member of the band playing keys. Bayles’ resume includes Isis, Mastodon, Botch, Soundgarden and more. Chris Common (Palms, Pelican, the Sword) did the mastering.

Dragon Mouths Flyeth From the Moths
  • Dragon Mouths Flyeth From the Moths

Hand of the Hills and Transmissionary play as well.

Hand of the Hills are: David Totten (The Quiet Ones), Erin Tate (Minus the Bear), and Matt Benham (Black Swedes).

Transmissionary: Jacob James (Judas Priest) and Michael Knight (Dokken).

Show starts at 9:00.