Last week, city council member and minimum-wage committee chair Sally Clark added to the ongoing metaphor party surrounding the mayor's $15 minimum wage deal. As the council prepared to tinker with the carefully negotiated compromise deal, Clark said of the various issues and potential amendments: "There are big strings and there are little strings. So if you pull on a big string, you have to start thinking about if you'll have to remake an entire compromise." But tug on a "little string," she thought—a more minor issue, one that wouldn't offend one side or the other—and you would be okay.

Which made me wonder: What was the deal, exactly, in this metaphor? A ball of string? A tapestry? A sweater? Being a child of the '90s, I of course choose sweater. Last night, the deal/sweater started fraying at the edges, thanks to statements made by the mayor and a memo prepared by the city council's central staff. In a few minutes, the council will convene a meeting to discuss the legislation.

So in honor of metaphors, I present the song that's been stuck in my head ever since Council Member Clark said that. Enjoy! (Oh, and follow along with the meeting on Twitter right here.)