Death Drop!
  • Death Drop!

Hellloooomosexuals! So much to do. Tomorrow, there is queerSpawn! (Please to ignore the annoying on-purpose capitalization.) But what about tonight, goddammit? I’m so very pleased that you asked...

Mischief at Re-Ba

Did you know that Re-Bar has, like, totally been sold? Under totally new management? HEART ATTACK! I know. I live in constant terror of someone sweeping in and changing even the slightest little detail of that rickety old dance shack. You know, like they did when they ripped out the urinals (which I was ever so fond of—don’t ask) along with the original Parris painting above them that I was totally in love with for years but somehow managed to end up in Dan Savage’s living room? Oh, the injustice. But it looks at this juncture like the old girl is pushing ahead all business as usual, including the ever-so thrilling/sexy tonight, which features a new-ish dance-your-little-gay-ass-off event called “Mischief—Where the Boys Come to Play.” Naughty! Tonight is their COMANDO party, which is confusing, so allow me to explain: YES. This party has everythig to do with whether or not you chose to wear underwear (you may be obliged at any second to prove it one way or the other), and/or military gear (think camo). (Either will earn you dollah-dollah-dollah bil$$ toward drinks!) thrown by Sinfinate Productions (Red Dress Party, HollaBack Thursdays at Neighbours, et. Al.) and DJ’ed by Bret Law and Brian Gorr. Re-Bar, 10PM, $8, 21+.

Fierce Queen, Sudden Death Drop

Another crazy drag competition! They're popping up like poppers at a West Hollywood pool party. I heard a sick rumor that Seattle's naughty nightlife prince Kevin Kauer created this ferocious amateur drag competition as a vehicle for Chad Michaels. Frankly, I refuse to believe it. Whatever: like everything else Kevin does, this new-ish thing is sick and sexy and disturbingly fun. Judging are those vicious bitches Amo A Nia and Urethra Franklin. The Eagle, 10PM, $7-$10, 21+.