"Are you there God? It's me, Kelly!" An excellent superhero named RYAN, who works security at Neumos, saw a man [allegedly] on many hard drugs, walking around with my camera late last night. Ryan, A+ superhero, thought it odd that this man owned such a professional-looking camera. Then this morning, he saw same man, [allegedly] on many hard drugs, sleeping on the sidewalk, on a half-futon bed, littered with a bunch of [allegedly] stolen purses, cell phones, and bottles of perfume. He yelled, "Hey! Gimme back MY CAMERA!" Man sat up, handed over the camera, and said, "Wait, the flash is here somewhere, too." Ryan saw SLOG yesterday, and took my camera to Linda's Tavern. Whoah. Really? Thank you, Universe.** AND THANK YOU, RYAN.

**I've been sad about Capitol Hill not feeling like a neighborhood lately. THIS, though?!? Wait, there's *still* community, FAMILY, and new friends here?!? People looking out for each other? #CAPHILLNOTDEAD