When you see a gang of camo-clad mosh warriors descending upon Capitol Hill, you know it’s that time again. For the past eight years, the guys in charge of booking Rain Fest, a three-day hardcore festival taking place each Memorial Day weekend at Neumos, have been upping the ante. Instead of a slight improvement, this year they’ve elevated the quality to unprecedented levels. Rain Fest’s organizers booked one of the biggest acts in hardcore and metal today, Converge, added the true party animal himself, Andrew W.K, and then packed more current and old-school hardcore bands than an average person can probably handle within a 72-hour period. KEVIN DIERS
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(Chop Suey) One of the most hyped producers emerging from UK’s post-dubstep scene, Sophie set the blogoverse ablaze last year with “Bipp,” a sugar-high ode to obsessive love set atop a rubbery, hop-scotching bass line and little else, a minimalist anthem that equally confounded and delighted clubbers. Beyond that, both information about and tracks by Sophie are hard to come by, with a couple other official releases and the usual scattered YouTube ephemera. Nonetheless, message-board legends abound about incredible unreleased material and an enigmatic live show, which may or may not feature a beautiful woman pouring out a milkshake. What are they putting in London's water supply these days? KYLE FLECK
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Winnebago are set to formally celebrate their newest release, All by My Side, which shows the band fine-tuning their bedroom shoegaze jams. Songs don’t necessarily explode out of the gates, but instead plot out their own wandering journey, taking cues from the dreamy pop of Wild Nothing and the restrained yet no-less-dazzling math rock of American Football.

As the singer of Brite Lines, Zach Gore often sounds like a wise old friend, someone who is eager to steer you toward safety and away from the perils of small-town America. He can be emphatic in his vocal delivery, with lyrics that are populated with ghosts, failed relationships, escapism, and the dangerous allure of darkened forests. These cautionary tales are coupled with a smooth and emotive folk-rock sound, recalling bands like Wilco or Beulah at their softer moments.

Meanwhile, we’ve heard comparatively less material from Valerie Warren, but her music is billed as a refuge from “the pressures of life and the city.” After listening to her sparse and gentle solo-acoustic songs, I couldn’t agree more with this sentiment. Hollow Earth Radio, 8:30 pm, $7. JACKSON HATHORN
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