Brendan Kiley: "This weekend, I'll be seeing Terre Haute—a play based on the real-life correspondence between Gore Vidal and Timothy McVeigh, and Vidal's argument that McVeigh wasn't just another American monster like Bundy or Dahmer, but a man with convictions—by a new theater company called Bridge Stages who are performing at ACT. (And Christopher interviewed the playwright, Edmund White last week. Turns out White had an actor-boyfriend who looked like McVeigh and wanted White to write a play for him. How many other artists will admit that their work starts with trying to get/please a consort?)"

Christopher Frizzelle: "Clearly the thing to do this weekend is go see Terre Haute. But the truth is, I'm going to Vancouver, BC, for the weekend. What should I do up there? Currently accepting suggestions. It's supposed to rain."

Emily Nokes: "I AM GOING TO SASQUATCH! The pros and cons here are the same thing."[Editor's Note: Keep an eye out for forthcoming Sasquatch field reporting from Nokes and her compatriots, which will appear on SLOG with the Sasquatch tag.]

Charles Mudede: "I'm going to do what I always do on Memorial Day weekend, which is give deep thought to the famous battle scene in Return of the Jedi—recall the laser blast, the smoke, the smoke that clears, the two bodies on the ground, the rise of one, its hand on the other fallen body, its realization of death, the wailing Ewok, the ultimate sacrifice."

Bethany Jean Clement: "Going out of town, reading and eating and drinking quietly. Perhaps some badminton if it clears up for a second tomorrow as it is maybe supposed to!"

Dave Segal: "Probably going to spend Saturday night at Kremwerk basking in the underground-techno mastery of Silent Servant, and then go to the same venue the next night to watch him spin a DJ set of minimal synth, industrial, and postpunk music. I plan to get there early enough to catch the great Seattle producer with Raica doing a live performance. I'll probably end up working most of Monday, because I'm a goddamn contrarian."