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Far be it from me to speculate on the psychology of reunited hip-hop masterminds, but it sure felt like somewhere on the road from Coachella to Sasquatch, Andre 3000 and Big Boi got their groove back. More devoted and accomplished OutKast Theorists have pondered the deeper meaning of the first show of their long-awaited All of the Festivals — Even Ones That Don't Yet Exist Reunion Tour, and others will review last night's headlining set at the Gorge, so I'll just say that it's nearly impossible to overstate how much more fun this show was than the one that I saw just over a month ago. Andre and Big Boi came out of their scrim cube right off the bat, interacted with each other and the enormous crowd vivaciously, kept things boisterous throughout, and benefitted greatly from the live band with its horn section, backup singers, and drums. Although they each had some solo time on the big stage, it was an amazing team experience that will be difficult for the rest of the weekend's headliners to top.

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The Gorge
  • The Gorge: is a legitimately spectacular venue. Too bad about the giant plastic box blocking the view.

Princess - Maya Rudolphs Prince Cover Band
  • Maya Rudolph's Prince Cover Band, Princess, is no joke.

  • Princess: Sometimes you don't notice just how absurdly filthy Prince's lyrics are until you hear someone who isn't Prince singing them.

The Naked and Famous
  • The Naked and Famous: have so many pleasantly catchy pop jams that have somehow been Incepted into my brain.

  • Tourist transitioned the comedy tent to dance mode. Also, I find it charming when when solo acts introduce themselves by their band names.

  • Phosphorescent: Does anyone else remember when this band was just a guy, an old Casio, and a creepy doll playing loopy weepers on the old Crocodile's stage? Now it's a big rambly guitarfest. Good for him.

  • Foals: getting a little closer to the fans.

  • Foals: guaranteed intensity.

  • Foals

Foster the Person
  • Foster the Person. Way more spazzy dancing than I ever would've expected.

Damien Jurado
  • Damien Jurado: keeps the coffeehouse vibe alive for the small, but devoted crew of non-Fosterheads.

  • Mogwai: had the unfortunate luck to be playing right when everyone was trying to secure a great spot for OutKast.

  • Yelle: euro-disco! with double dancing drummers.

  • Yelle: is the most fun.

Die Antwoord
  • Programming-wise, let's just say that running Die Antwoord against the last third of Outkast was an interesting scheduling decision?

Die Antwoord
  • Die Antwoord: I recognize that this is a "performance/statement" act, but I'm not sure if the fans are also in on it?

How about a couple more OutKast Photos?

Big Boi
  • Big Boi

OutKast: Everything is Temporary / Sold Out
  • Andre 3000: Everything is Temporary / Sold Out