Yelles matching brick-print hoodies!
  • Josh Bis
  • Yelle's matching brick-print hoodies!

This guy kept saying it was a cloud, but its clearly a jellyfish.
  • This guy kept saying it was a cloud, but it's clearly a jellyfish.
We got into Sasquatch yesterday, and by "got in," I mean: went through mazes of internet-connection and wristband complications, waited in a field for a person in a golf cart, waited in a tent for a person in a golf cart, ate questionable power bars, talked to 75 different people in yellow jackets, tried to get cellphone service, offered our firstborn children to anyone who could just give us a straightforward answer about anything at all, begged for a ride to a top-secret wristband trailer, finally got our wristbands, and WHOA WE ARE FINALLY HERE!

The first missing shoe of Sasquatch.
  • The first missing shoe.
The Gorge is so mind-blowingly pretty, even not on acid, and everyone looks well-rested and clean. After I drank 14 stress beers, we caught Yelle's happy mellow-electro French pop in the rave tent where the on-point extra-strength smoke machines and double drummers wearing matching outfits definitely hit the spot.

There's some Halloween-y/creepy art on the grounds, and some Henry art on fences. Overall, besides the main stage shows (I'll let someone else properly review OutKast because my only thoughts on the matter right now are: EEEHHHHHHH OMG AHHHHHH SO GOOOD), it seemed like things could have been louder. Maybe the neighbors gave Sasquatch a noise complaint this year and they had to turn down? ("What are you guys doing over there?? I'm calling the cops!")

  • Eeeeks

Henrys getting edgier I guess.
  • Henry's getting edgier I guess?